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Your spine is not just a backbone but it is a part of your central nervous system. It is necessary to keep spine healthy and strong, as it is one of the most important parts of our body. It gives structure and support to our body. Without Spine we could not stand up or keep ourselves upright. Spine provides the flexibility to move about freely and to bend with flexibility. The spine is also designed to protect our spinal cord.

So, be kind to your spine and follow these tips to maintain the health of your spine and keeping your spine healthy and strong. These are simple tips that you should keep in mind throughout the day because your spine is always at work. 

1. Sit up straight


‘Sit up straight and don’t slouch’, if you have to sit for long at a time. Keep your shoulders back and head up. If you are having a habit of slouching, you are putting a lot of stress on your spine and the muscles surrounding it.

Poor posture can also lead to nerve compression and limited blood flow to the surrounding area and can cause weakness of that region. 

As per different studies, if you keep your body straight during sitting, it can help in improving your digestion & breathing. It also lowers your state of depression.  

2. Be careful when bending and lifting

Never bend at the waist when you are picking up something from the floor; instead, go near the object and pick it up slowly after kneeling down on one knee.

Even better, you should bend at the knees so that your arms are at the same height as the item. Keep your back straight. If the item is heavy, don’t try to lift it yourself and get some help.

3. Give the rest to your spine by a good sound sleep


Sleeping well is important to your overall health. A good night’s sleep is very necessary for your body to repair itself.

Sleep on your side, not your stomach. Always try to sleep on your back as sleeping on your stomach can put too much pressure on your spine.

If you are having any spine problem or backache, sleep on your back and place a pillow under your knees, which will greatly ease the pressure on your spine. If any particular position in bed causes pain or discomfort in your back or neck, change that position immediately.

4. Stretch out and stay active


Do activities and workouts which help to stretch your back and neck. It helps to maintain normal joint function and also reduces the risk of injury. You can make regular visits to the gym, walk, bike, swim, or play with your kids.

The best exercise routine for your back and neck is one that combines stretching, strengthening and aerobic activity. A proper exercise routine will not only strengthen your back but also help you to lose weight or maintain proper weight. Unwanted body weight is not good for the health of your spine.

5. Drink water and stay hydrated


To maintain the elasticity of soft tissues and fluidity in joints, staying hydrated is very important. Inter-vertebral discs are vulnerable to loss of hydration and can begin to lose height. As the discs begin to shrink, you are more vulnerable to painful disc conditions such as bulging or ruptures.

Drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day is recommended for the overall health of your body.

6. Work smarts for keeping spine healthy and strong


Keep your workspace whether the computer desk, laptop, mobile, or even your car seat is set up for your height and functionality.

Choose a chair that provides back support. Your knees should be at 90 degrees and your feet should rest comfortably on the floor. Never cradle your phone between your ear and shoulder, to avoid this you can use a headset, which will help you to avoid neck pain.

Taking regular breaks as staying in one position for too long will cause back muscles to tighten up and become immobile which further causes stiffness and pain in the back.

7. Listen to your body for keeping spine healthy and strong


Listen to what your body is telling you. Don’t ignore the signs and symptoms of your spine problem.

If your back is in pain, don’t medicate yourself and take the help of a professional. Give proper rest to your spine which it deserves and consult your doctor if you need treatment.


A weak spine can cause lot of spine disorders and frequent pain in your back. Back pain is the commonest reason for absence from work and for seeking medical treatment. It can be uncomfortable and debilitating. Every movement seems to make it worse. As people get older, this weakness of spine pain increases due to various factors. So, it is more necessary to keeping your spine healthy & strong.

By following the above tips in your daily routine, you can avoid a lot of common back and neck problems.


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