Corona Virus – Sirf Naam Hi Kaafi Hai!!!

Corona Virus – Sirf Naam Hi Kaafi Hai!!! post thumbnail image

Corona virus – A big threat in 2020

Corona virus or Covid-19 has threatened our lives…..a virus which is killing thousands of people in India and all around us ..a virus which has been termed as a killer virus – but do you know the real cause behind its global spread at a much faster pace than what it is actually – The Cause is called as FEAR – Dar Ke Naam Par Sab Bikta Hai …isn’t it ???

Symptoms of Covid-19

Look around your surroundings – everyday lakhs of people die in road accidents, thousands die due to cancer but very few deaths due to pneumonia, high-grade fever, cold and cough, breathing difficulties, or severe body pains. These are the few symptoms of the Corona virus  or Covid-19 that are mentioned above.


If you have any of these then meet your nearby physician rather than sitting in a panic state at home and reading social media Gyan!! You need to get your facts correct.

Importance of Immunity against corona virus

When human beings have such a strong immune system that it can kill cancer cells too then corona virus attack is nothing in front of it.

Indeed, it’s curable in the long run for sure!!

Immunity booster products

When any new thing enters the market, people test and tries it before claiming its pros and cons …the story goes the same for the Corona virus in India. It’s new in the market but by building our immunity we can combat this virus which has been spreading worldwide via China.

The cons are many if we allow it to weaken our immunity. So, let’s face this new virus with a strong immune system and win the battle against this global pandemic disease.

Tips & food to strengthening your immune system


Here are a few simple tips and food to boost your immunity against corona virus which every one should be proud of as it’s easily available in our kitchen –

  • Have Tulsi water in the morning or chew a few freshly picked Tulsi leaves from your garden.
  • Have Giloy stem water or Giloy powder once a day.
  • Have one glass of water every hour and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Ginger and Garlic are two super herbs that can miraculously help in boosting our immune system. Add it to your food or grate it in tea or have its juice with honey.
  • Turmeric water with few drops of lemon juice or turmeric milk aka Golden latte can be of great benefit in reducing body aches.
  • Cinnamon has an anti-inflammatory component so use a pinch of it in your tea or sprinkle it on salad or soup.
  •  Clove tea can relieve sore throat, headache, and work as the best antiviral agent.
  •  Coconut oil used in coffee, soups, and cooking vegetables works as antiviral too because of the lauric acid content.
  •  Have two tablespoons of Ghee in your diet. Ghee can boost your immunity on a daily basis.
  •  Include flax-seedspumpkin seeds in your diet to increase your fighter cells aka white blood cells (WBC) to fight back this disease.

Follow and apply these given tips and weaken the corona virus in India as well as in whole world!

Saara Kaam Khane Se Nahi Hoga Kuch to Body and Brain Bhi Use Karna Padega!!

So, it’s a request to all the fearful citizens of this world to stay calm, stay active, and sleep on time. Rather than going into a stress phase heal your body on your own.

Follow healthy lifestyle tips

Don’t just wait for corona virus vaccine, go out for a walk in the mornings, try sun gazing, and inhale few deep breaths which will make your lungs happier rather than chilling out with friends in closed spaces and enjoying oily food.

A strong body and calm mind can easily fight against Covid-19. Do ‘yoga’ and ‘pranayama’ daily.  They are magical boosters for our body which can help to repair our DNA mechanism,

Toh Phir CORONAVIRUS Kya Cheez Hai??


Don’t afraid from Corona Virus (Covid-19) and hope for the Best!

For cure, many remedies for corona virus will keep popping up on your screen as our scientists and doctors are working hard to find a cure for it. Sooner than later, we will find the corona virus vaccine…till then boost your defense mechanism and don’t be panic by corona virus news.

Wish you all a very HAPPY IMMUNITY!!!

Dr Nidhi Agarwal is a connoisseur of the Holistic approach to propagate medicine free lifestyle since last 12 years! She is a Homeopathic physician, lifestyle & Wellness coach , relationship counselor ,a holistic healer and the director of Prakash holistic health care center.

Being a homeopathic practitioner and a Holistic healer Dr Agarwal has endeavoured to create balance and heal within by treating her patients worldwide with almost a zero medicine enhanced lifestyle approach. She believes in curing from within and nutrifying in accordance with customised solutions and diet plans.


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